More Bamboo is being used in Stadiums in the last 5 Years

First of all let’s make it clear what Bamboo represents.

Bamboo is a flowering plant that is part of the family Poaceae (grasses) and there are more than 1500 species that can be found. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet so it can grow even 3 feet for only 24hours. The usage of this plant is really wide. It is often used in the Asian cuisine served as salad or consumed in the form of soup. Even it contains some toxin with cooking on high temperature it destroys them and is safe for consumption. This is something that Pandas for example does not practice at all, Panda’s diet is based on bamboo exclusively.

Folk medicine also practices the bamboo in order to treat some infections and to accelerate healing of the wounds.  As a strong plant it can survive even more than 120 years in the wild.


It is not surprising at all the fact that the usage of bamboo in the last five years has increased.

As people nowadays are practising and promoting vegetarianism and veganism this plant can be equivalent supplement for the meat that the vegetarians and vegans stop to consume.


Stadium snacking is inevitable part when attending a sport match of course. Despite all the unhealthy food that is being offered during the matches like hot dogs, and sweets that are full with calories and still will not satisfy our nutrition needs, here comes the bamboo. As we previously mentioned that bamboo can be ideal replacement of meat,  the consumer of bamboo as a snack during their sport matches on the stadiums has increased. It is really easy to increase the popularity of one product if there is a large mass of people around you. And where could be that if not in the middle of a sport match on stadium?

One really interesting and fun fact about the usage of bamboo is that sometimes it is used for making beer, if you haven’t tried it yet I believe that bamboo beer tastes absolutely fabulous. Do try it.  You can take it while watching your sports game on the stadium too. As people do it nowadays really often.


Except for food supplies, this plant is also used as a construction material too. It is considered as one of the best renewable resources on the planet, as it was used to create one of the earliest suspension bridges in China today it is used in variety of building projects. Also because it is considered as environment-friendly building material, bamboo is an excellent alternative to wood. It is not surprising at all that this material will be more and more used in stadiums constructions. While the design, bamboo plays a key role when talking about the quality, use and also construction. Multifunctional stadiums are projected with this kind of material. Except from the serving to stimulated sustainable building with bamboo the stadiums are enhancing the recreational and also ecological value of the local context. These stadiums are inviting by themselves and with the natural atmosphere are contributing to the local life of residents in becoming more liveable and healthy surrounding. The efficiency that this construction method brings to the stadiums, its potential for easy disassembly and the flexibility of the bamboo joints will together bring to the development of sustainable, contemporary bamboo stadiums all around the world.


The fiber from Bamboo has been used to make paper in China since early times. A high-quality, handmade paper is still produced nowadays.

Some musical instruments are made from or use this material, as well. Perhaps the best example is the reeds of the double reed family, which includes the oboe, English horn, bassoon and related instruments. People make sounds on these instruments by blowing through a mouthpiece formed of two hard, shaped pieces of cane, which vibrate as the performers play. These instruments can again be found during the breaks between sports matches entertaining the visitors. They completely match with the stadiums building material.

Bamboo is the fastest growing canopy that is used for re greening of the degraded lands, and its stands release 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.  Some of the bamboo trees even sequester up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare. It can also lower light intensity and it can protect against ultraviolet rays.  There is one traditional belief that holds for being in a bamboo grove and it’s the favorite dwelling place of Buddha – because it restores calmness to emotions and stimulates creativity

With all of these positive effects it is not surprisingly the usage of Bamboo on the stadiums has increased over the last five years.